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Welcome to Weeworld Forums


I noticed Weeworld has been discontinued (shocking to me as I thought they were doing well).

I had previously deleted all forum posts & boards due to Weeworld Forums being back up and running on the main site, however I have just added brand new boards to engage you all in conversation. Feel free to speak however you'd like and connect with friends.


If you're new, go ahead and sign up and join in on the conversation.

I ask that if you are under 13 years old you check with your parent/guardian before signing up. We do not have strict language filtering in these forums so please be advised.


I ask that you keep the conversation as PG as possible to ensure all audiences can engage in the conversation freely.


I have contacted Weeworld via email and will inform you all if they respond to me.

Their email is crm@weeworld.com - however I am sure their inbox is flooded.


There is a board called Email & Connections for those of you looking to stay in contact with your friends. We have nearly 1500 members, so if you're looking for someone specific message me and I can search through the member list and see if they are registered here.


- Skitty

sweetandcute9 (Admin at Weeworld Forums)

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